Updated: We have two more updates on this story, here and here. Layoffs announcement may come as early as next week.

Motricity, one of the…

Updated: We have two more updates on this story, here and here. Layoffs announcement may come as early as next week.

Motricity, one of the biggest mobile content and applications firm in U.S. now after the buyout of Infospace’s mobile division last year, may now slash as many as 200 jobs out of its workforce of 650, reports WRAL, citing sources. Motricity is also considering moving its headquarters out of Durham, NC to Bellevue, Wash, where Infospace’s mobile unit was based.

This comes after a big round of funding as well, where it raised $185 million, out of which $135 million was used to finance the acquisition. The round was led by Advanced Equities, Carl Icahn and New Enterprise Associates. Steve Elfman, former EVP of InfoSpace

  1. I recently left Motricity and it's pretty much true. After the Infospace merger was finalized it was readily apparent that it was a reverse merger. The executives at the Durham office did not know what the executive organization was going to be before it was announced to everyone. Only 2 in Durham report to Elfman. Most of his reports are from Bellvue. The new organization was supposed to be announced several weeks ago but apparently it was delayed a month. A hiring freeze was instituted end of Dec/beginning of Jan, despite "50 open reqs" in the Durham office.

  2. funny that bonuses were paid out and they decide to pull this trick. Thanks Ryan for throwing us under the bus!!! Hope your golden parachute gets a hole in it. Guess the rest of us will be doing a lot of job searching this week. Good luck "Lord Elfman" in getting anyone to do any work now. All the new releases I expect will be delayed, if they're even completed…

  3. "UnderTheBus"; what bonuses are you referring to? Had not heard of any bonuses being pad..

    In the end, you are right, Ryan and his inner circle will come out smelling like roses. Ryan really did not throw anyone under the bus, at least I doubt in his mind. He really believes that he has created a "culture" and that everyone loves, even idolize, him. Perfect family, trophy wife, etc. You can bet his $2 million house, paid for by Motricity, will not be at risk of foreclosure.

  4. One more thing… Honesty is not the Great One's (Ryan Wuerch) strong suit…

    Quote: "Ryan Wuerch, a co-founder of Motricity, remains the chairman and chief executive officer of the company, sources said. "

    Co-founder? CO-FOUNDER? NOT! To say he is the co-founder would be like saying that if you bought Microsoft and changed the name to [XXXXXXX] would make you the founder! ALL he found was the funds to acquire the companies which then merged are now known as Motricity. PERIOD! The real FOUNDERS of Motricity would be Jud Bowman and Taylory Brockman (Pinpoint) and Kenny West (PalmGear) as those two companies made up the ones which when merged were later renamed as Motricity.

    Wonder how much longer Icahn will put up with this folly and install a new CEO…

  5. Underthebus, your comments are misguided and unfair. Ryan would never even dream of getting on a bus. You just got thrown under the limo. Besides I am sure there's plenty of work in Durham, you know, tobacco pickin', NASCAR drivin', and I hear there's a DA position over at the Justice building.

  6. Now who's being misguided and unfair? We don't have NASCAR here. We have the Orange County Speedway.

  7. Actually, bus might be reasonably accurate. He was I remember a big fan of the book "Good to Great" and constantly quoted the section about who you are on the bus with. Albeit, Wuerch was probably on a different bus, more like those huge luxury Prevost models like movie stars have. Which would be fitting considering his ex Miss America trophy wife.

  8. exMoEmp thank god!!! Monday, February 25, 2008

    From what my team was told, there aren't any cuts happening in Seattle, just Durham. Ryan has sold out every employee in Durham including his executive team. I'm sure he won't face any employees during the cuts….He'll let Lord Elfman take the blame.

  9. Way to take care of the people who got you to where you are huh? What happened to everyone's families mattered , how much Motricity was dedicated to Durham and NC? Maybe Ryan should be running for President, would fit right in with the other two-faced politicians. Very sad actually, it had the makings of a great company, somehow greed always wins out. No matter how much you preach.

  10. emoemp2 hit the nail on the head by using the word "preach". Ryan is the single most sanctimonious, over religious holier than thou, self serving meglomaniac I have ever met. He used motricity and all the people he screwed for his own self indulgence and to massage his massive ego. PERIOD. Great at getting money and kissing babies but absolutely no substance. I even heard that he used to start all meetings with a prayer, fine by me but not good business nor when many employees are of other faiths.

    Could have been a GREAT company with someone who knew what they were doing and did not spend the money like it was their own.

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