HP iPAQ 210 PDA reviewed at Brighthand

Hpipaq210There aren’t too many pure PDAs left in the market since everyone is jamming cellphone capabilities in handhelds these days. Actually, that’s a poor choice of words… “jamming cellphone capabilities” is technically illegal, but you all know what I meant. HP continues to soldier on in the remaining market for PDAs, which is likely served today by the enterprise; at least until the OPDAPC, or One PDA Per Child project gains traction.So what’s HP up to in the PDA space? Plenty based on Brighthand’s review of the iPAQ 210. The device reminds me of my ol’ Dell Axim X51v with the large VGA screen in many ways, but there’s a few odds and ends that are improved. Instead of just a single card slot like many older PDAs had, the 210 can handle both Compact Flash and SDHC for example. If you’re in the market for a Windows Mobile 6 PDA without the phone and you’ve got around $400 to drop, I think the iPAQ 210 has to be on your short-list of potential devices.

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