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Geoengineering Isn’t So Easy: Ocean iron fertilization, the plan to dump iron into the ocean so that plankton grow and take CO2 with them down to the murky depths, may or may not work. At least that’s what the leading scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute say, but what do they know? – Wired Science.

Scoble Rides in Musk’s New Tesla Roadster: Blogger Robert Scoble got a ride in Elon Musk’s brand new Roadster. In a race against Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis’s Corvette Scoble had just this to say: “The Tesla smoked the Vett” – Scobleizer.

Sharp Partners With Tokyo Electron for Thin-Film Solar: The electronics giant and the semiconductor equipment producer have entered into a joint venture to manufacture equipment to make thin-film solar cells – Reuters.

Cellulolytic Enzymes in M.I.T. Top 10: The need for second-generation biofuels is huge and Frances Arnold of Caltech might have the secret to cellulosic biofuels – M.I.T. Technology Review.

Sony to Put $200M Into OLEDs: Looking to boost production of large OLED panels, the electronics maker is hoping to do better than the 11-inch OLED TV it released in December – Cleantech Media.

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