BenQ’s MID: windows will be shaken, not stirred

BenqmidComputerworld covered it earlier, but I see an official press release from BenQ on their MID. Nothing too detailed other than some bits about the user interface and general capabilities that we already knew about.

Apparently however, the desktop icons will flip sideways as you drag a finger across the 4.8-inch touchscreen. My guess is that the side of an icon in a 2D display looks like… nothing. As I read it, the icons will disappear as you slide across so that they don’t take up valuable display space. Even more interesting: you’ll be able to shake the MID and have the icons reappear. Have the Red Flag boys and girls been playing too much Super Paper Mario lately? Now I have an image of a geeky James Bond walking up to a bar and ordering a "Vodka MIDtini… shaken not stirred."

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