Lost Still Available in HD on ABC.com

Despite what we might have expected from the network, ABC still has the entire Lost library — seasons one through three, and now adding season four — available for HD streaming on ABC.com. After we noticed the stash of episodes at the beginning of January, we assumed they’d only be up there until the new season opener aired last week, but shhh, they’re still there.


Another place to get your TV fix, unless you’re happy with watching Celebrity Apprentice, is Hulu (but hey, even if you are, it’s on there too). There’s still some invites left from the last batch the company gave us. Get yours here.

As Chris wrote on Monday, 43 percent of the online American population have watched their favorite TV shows on the web, and 20 percent watch TV on the web on a weekly basis, according to Solutions Research Group. If you’re not part of those numbers, why not give it a whirl?

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