What is a UMPC? Mobilitysite says it depends

AdvantageThe term UMPC is too generic, we’ve said that before and we’ll say it again I am sure.  Ultra-mobile PC as a description can be applied to a lot of different types of devices and it often makes for some confusion.  I have always thought it to mean devices that are full PCs, after all PC is part of the acronym but others have a much more liberal take on that point.  Mobilitysite takes a look at the UMPC and decides that the ultimate UMPC is not a UMPC at all.  The author is reviewing the HTC Advantage, a worthy device in my book, and covers point by point why he thinks the Advantage is the best UMPC.  It’s an interesting read and while I agree with the author about the Advantage I’m reluctant to call it a UMPC.  I guess it’s in the eyes of the individual, isn’t it?

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