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DOE Invests $30M In PHEVs: The Department of Energy will be investing in R&D in plug-in hybrid vehicles through an alliance called USAutoPARTs. They want a car that gets 40 mile per charge and commercialization by 2016 – Clean Edge News.

EPA vs. California – The Blow by Blow: I don’t know how any mild-mannered agency director could bear the withering combination of Sen. Barbara Boxer and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger but the EPA’s Stephen Johnson stands fast in his denial of California’s emissions waiver – Wall Street Journal.

Chinese Solar Firm Eyes $250M IPO: The solar equipment maker Qiangsheng Photovoltaic Technology plans to make an offering on Nasdaq by the first quarter of 2009 to fund its thin-film solar expansion up to 500 megawatts – Reuters.

Scientists Build Genome From Scratch: J. Craig Venter and his team have successfully synthesized the entire genome of a bacterium. This paves the way for creating custom “bugs” to produce drugs, biofuels, and chemicals – ScienceNOW.

Mapping Wind and Solar Power Potential: We here at Earth2Tech do love our maps. Here are some great maps from 3tier showing the varying energy potential of wind and solar installations across the country – EcoGeek.

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