InkSeine video demonstration: GottaBeMobile


I’ve been derelict in my duties: not trying out the new InkSeine application on my tablets. While I get a day of detention, you can check out what all the growing excitement is about this new program developed by Ken Hinckley by viewing a GottaBeMobile Inkshow. Could this inking app take the place of my beloved Microsoft OneNote? It might based on Rob’s description:

“InkSeine is a Tablet PC note-taking application designed and built from ground up around the pen, with the ability to easily search the web or your local computer directly from your ink. The search interface is unlike anything I’ve ever worked with in the past, with the ability to narrow or expand the results based on file type or date with a simple flick of the pen. It is such a joy to use an application where the box was built around the pen rather than making the pen fit the box”

You’ll have to wait until the public release on February 15th to try it yourself, but the video should give you an idea of how InkSeine might work for you.


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