After three years of painstaking work and multiple delays, Comcast will begin marketing TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO), not as a DVR, but as an interface…

After three years of painstaking work and multiple delays, Comcast will begin marketing TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO), not as a DVR, but as an interface via a premium software upgrade for its DVR customers in the Boston area, reports USAT. It would be rolled out to rest of Comcast customers later this year, the company says. This is also the first deployment based on

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  1. Any reports on how much this will cost? One time fee to upgrade DVR software? Or will it be an additional monthly charge?

  2. Don
    This will probably be a free upgrade, with a monthly fee like your DVR. Will check on pricing…

  3. This is great news. Comcast DVR stinks. I can't wait till I can upgrade to Tivo software. Being that I have had both devices there is NO comparison of how superior Tivo software is to Comcast. Good move Comcast!
    When will this be available in Chicago?

  4. SOrry to burst people's bubbles, but I have now had Comcast's version of TIVO on my Moto box for 2 weeks and my whole family despises, disdains and utterly loathes it. It is truly horrific. They could not have made it worse if they tried. In fact, it is so bad that we have started laughing at all the crazy things it does and wondering if Comcast is videotaping us for a Punked episode.

    Here's a very partial list of Comcast TiVo's little shop of horrors:

    1) ghosts that change channels by themselves;

    2) the infamous green screen, much like the Microsoft blue screen of death, that blots out all else on its own whim

    3) season passes that create themselves, and can't be deleted. We have one for the News at 9:00. Even three thumbs down won't kill it! It is to Comcast Tivo as Spyware, Malware and WOrmware are to one's PC

    4) DELAYS like you've never seen before–delays changing channels, delays going to OnDemand, menu delays, time setting delays, searching and taping and deleting delays…

    5) If nothing else proves how horrific and nighmarish this thing is, then get this: my whole family is praying to get our old Comcast interface back as soon as possible!!! The irony is, when I called Comcast to ditch this horror show, they begged me to keep the Tivo until a new patch came out. Would anyone like to venture a guess as to the timef rame for aforementioned "illusory" patch?

  5. Agree with J.

    We get a green screen of death everyday and the box is incredibly slowwww……


  6. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

    We're returning it today. We had to reset the box a dozen times yesterday because of the green screen.

  7. When will tiv bo be available in Monroeville new jersey? Will yu call me when it is . can i view the shows in any room? that is what i am waiting for. thank you.

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