MacBook Air intended use sounds familiar… UMPCs anyone?

Mbair_2er2ef23f235Hats off to Matt Lu at The Unofficial Apple Weblog for nailing the concept of what the MacBook Air is for. Well, I only say he nailed it because I’m in agreement with his understanding of the need(s) filled by the Air:

“So what is the Air? I think the Air is, and is really intended to be, a secondary computer. It’s serious enough to get real work done on while you’re away from home or office, but it’s not a primary production machine in my view. Looked at in this light, however, the sacrifices Apple has made don’t seem so bad. If you’ve ever lugged a 5-6 lbs laptop (plus accessories!) on your back all day, you know exactly what I mean. What’s the upshot? Well, if you’re only going to have one Mac, it shouldn’t be the Air.”

We’ve run through this debate before, and not just with the Air. The original UMPC concept went through this same process and while some folks choose to extend their UMPCs into full-purpose, ultra-mobile notebooks, the vast majority of owners don’t use them as their primary device.Sounds like Matt is applying the same, sound logic to the Air. Yes, you could certainly use the Air as your primary notebook, provided it can handle your daily tasks and you can work around some of the compromises made in the design. At $1,799, I’m still not buying and I don’t plan to… of course, I haven’t seen one in the flesh and had to fight off the temptation either. ;)

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