Microsoft camera-phone vision: your window to the world


[youtube=]After watching this video from the CES Keynote, I’m really upset that flight delays caused me to miss it. The Register filmed this interesting bit of Bill Gates demonstrating a vision of the future using a camera-phone. When combined with the appropriate software, the hope is that your phone’s camera will essentially act as an eye to the environment around you. Of course, the eye only sees images; it’s the brain that processes them and turns them into useful information. Check out the video and watch how the eye & brain behind the phone combine to provide details of the world around you. Futuristic, yes but these types of concept demos are my favorite of the keynotes. We might not see this exact implementation in the future, but parts of it might be there.



This concept is something I’ve pondered before. We are approaching, slowly, the point where storage capability will be at the point where you could record *everything* you see (and perhaps even the things that you don’t see around you) in high definition video. This would go beyond photographic memory to videographic memory.

Recording and storing all the information is the “easy” part. Organizing/searching all that information is the harder part. The amazing thing is that the human brain does this already.

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