Keep Windows Mobile and N800 calendars in sync

Erminign800With more and more devices everywhere, synchronizing important data continues to be a challenge. We’ve got tasks, contacts, e-mail, notes, docs and other info getting scattered around and of course, we expect to have instant access to all of that info regardless of the device we’re using.For this reasons, I often highlight ways to make the experience better; even if it takes multiple tools and some complex setup processes. The way I see it, the more synching options the better! Seems like David Hautbois agrees as he developed a free Python app called Erminig to synch the standalone GPE Calendar on the Nokia N800 with Google Calendar. GPE Calendar is a separate app and not included by default on the Nokia Internet Tablets. Jamie Bennett goes a step further and combines Erminig with the $10 GSyncIt application that keeps your Google and Outlook calendars in alignment. Add Microsoft ActiveSync and you’ve got a roundabout way to keep your events in sync between Windows Mobile and the Nokia N800.

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