HP tx2000 reviewed: lightest, no; ‘funnest’, yes

Tx2000That’s what Tiffany Boggs says about the HP tx2000 Tablet PC in her detailed review of a pre-production unit. It’s no surprise to me because James came away with a very positive impression of the convertible when he got a hands-on a few weeks back. So why all the positive review lovin’? Here are some of the main points I’ve gleaned:

  • The addition of the active digitizer with the touchscreen coupled with the touchscreen becoming inactive when the stylus is sensed.
  • Solid multi-media support and performance paired with a convertible Tablet PC
  • The $1,299 starting price
  • Faster AMD processor that rivals many of the Intel Core Duo devices and isn’t far behind comparable Core 2 Duo units
  • NVIDIA GPU and up to four hour battery life with the standard battery

All in all, the HP tx2000 looks like a dual-digitizer solution that packs some nice punch for the price, provided you can handle a 4.3 pound Tablet PC.

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