Where’s James?

Jk_icon_100pixYou might have noticed that James was absent from our little on-line community yesterday. Per his request, I wanted to share a little information on the reason why. I’m keeping it very general for now, mainly because I have limited information myself.On Sunday night James was not feeling well, so much so, that his wife took him to the hospital. I spoke with Sheri the next morning as she was kind enough to take a few minutes of her time to let me know of the situation. James is still in the hospital, but Sheri says he’s feeling much better. All I know at this point is that his white cell count was high, which indicates some type of infection that his body is fighting. He and Sheri are waiting on some additional test results, but again, he’s feeling better today based on the phone conversation I just had with Sheri.Sheri brought him his computer today, but I’m asking you personally not to shoot him any mail, simply so we don’t give him an Inbox full of stress. Instead, why not post your warm wishes and thoughts in the comments here. This will give him one place to scan through the messages from the friendly community here at jkOnTheRun. More to follow, I’m sure… get well, bud!

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