MacBook 13-inch Toffee leather sleeve

Toffee Leather Slipcover I recently got the red leather sleeve for the 13″ MacBook from Toffee. Toffee is an Australian company whom I hadn’t heard of until I saw this product. They make a whole array of sleeves like this one, even for the larger MacBook Pro.

Material/Build quality

There’s only so much you can say about leather – it’s a great material, and obviously has a level of class to it (and adds to the price). If you love the luxurious “feel” to leather (though it’s hard to describe), then you’ll love this case. It has the “rough” texture in the leather, and feels very thick and durable, like a very strong piece of material.

The “toffee” name is embossed into the back, bottom left corner of the case. The inside stitches with white thread hold the entire thing together, and seem to be fairly strong. Now, I don’t know much about fabrics or sewing, but it seems to be built like the Jansport backpack that I’ve had since my high school days. We’re talking a good 8 years. I’d imagine, under fair day-to-day gentle use, this case will outlast the MacBook it’s meant for.


The durable leather feels thick enough, and from my light tests, seems that it could hold up to what I would imagine would be normal use. For instance, I stick my MacBook Pro into an Incase slipcover, which then goes into a bag with the power supply and a whole array of pens, pencils, and other things which could be pointy enough to damage the case. The Incase slipcover, however, allows for sharp objects to cause damage to the computer – I have a couple dings on my MacBook Pro to attest to that fact. However, it’s good at softening minor bumps, drops, and blunt hits.

The Toffee leather slipcover is the other way around, it seems. My mechanical pencil wouldn’t be able to affect the computer (although the MacBook’s plastic is also better at avoiding that damage). However, the inside of the case isn’t as soft and “spongy” – which means it may not protect the computer from those bumps and bruises. This is just my guess… what, you thought I was going to test this theory out on my perfectly working computer?

Where to buy

I found my way over to the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue here in Chicago, but they only had the Incase and a couple other versions in stock – not the Toffee.

Fortunately, you can find them on Toffee’s site. I got the red one for the MacBook, but they have numerous colors – even for the old iBook and Powerbook models. Not-so-fortunately, the price is a bit more than I’d like – $85. Now, this is a leather case, so the price makes sense. The 17″ cover costs $7 more.

If you like the leather look (it’s pretty stylish), then the Toffee leather slipcovers will be a great fit for you. If you’re looking something cheaper, one of the other neoprene cases out there would probably be better, and are quite a bit cheaper.

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