Sony VAIO UX390N for $1,299 at Woot!

Sony_vaio_micro_pclotstandardIf nothing at CES tickled your mobile fancy, then perhaps an old favorite at a killer price might be attractive. How about a Sony VAIO UX390N with Windows Vista Business for $1,299 today at Woot! You’ll likely need to hurry because you know the drill: when they’re gone, they’re gone.The UX390N is the 1.33 GHz, Intel Core Solo model with a 32 GB SSD drive. The 4.5-inch touchscreen shows an eye-straining 1024 x 600 res but I have bad eyes, so I’m biased. A gig of RAM and integrated 802.11 a/b/g, Bluetooth and EDGE are inside as well. Looks like the standard battery only; no extended battery, so you may want to consider that as a future accessory purchase. Oh, and don’t forget the Sony VAIO UX series has the slide-up screen and 64 button keypad. That can come in handy if you don’t want to use the Tablet PC support in Vista Business.(via Micro PC Talk)

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