How to boost Vista performance 11% on a Samsung Q1 UMPC

Samsungq1vistarc1pcmarkIt’s simple really and Robert McLaws has the answer at Windows-Now. Robert’s done some benchmark testing of the latest Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate and his results show an overall 11% boost in PCMark scores: 552 to 612. I’m a little lax in my Vista SP1 testing, but I do have Windows Vista on the Samsung Q1P and will try to replicate Robert’s actions. Samantha, the Samsung UMPC, is in the midst of a battery calibration on the extended battery, so she’ll need to get re-juiced first.I’ll be looking for two things in my test: do I see roughly the same overall performance increase as measured by PCMark Vantage and is there a difference because I have two Gigabytes of RAM; Robert has one in his Q1. Actually, I’ll be looking for Robert’s post on the topic too: I found it in my feeds, but don’t see it on the Windows-Now site.

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