Google updates iPhone interface, but still has room for improvement

GooglegmailGoogle is among the first to make a MacWorld-related announcement; the iPhone interface that they introduced last month gets a facelift today. I don’t see the changes yet in Safari, but that should be a matter of time as they propagate through. Some of the highlights:

  • User interface improvements; again, I can’t speak to these just yet since I haven’t seen them.
  • Customization of the tabs. Huzzah! Sounds like you can pick and choose which Google apps you want on your mini home page. I always wanted to add Google Docs in lieu of Gmail; I don’t need a Gmail tab since I’ve got my iPhone Mail app configured to use Gmail’s IMAP service.
  • Faster Gmail and Calendar, with a new month view in the Calendar.
  • iGoogle support. One of our jkOTR readers, Rob, sent me this info over the weekend, but I didn’t get time to play with it… too busy doing CES laundry. ;)

So what’s missing, in my opinion? I’m still hoping we’ll see the ability to edit Google Docs. I have no desire to write a lengthy feature story right on my iPhone, but I’d like to make an edit or two every now and again. I do like the fact that I can create a note in Google Notebook right on my phone, but is it too much to ask to have the ability to edit a note?Before I forget: some folks don’t want to view a mobile version of Google; be sure to look at the bottom of the web pages. You should see a link for the Classic version as well as this Mobile version.

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