1. Slate is not dead? …well it is certainly not doing well!
    …not dead yet?

    Well it is no the slate that is dead it is the active digitizer only use on a tablet in a slate only mode that is dead.

    Give it a proper input (active pen + multi touch) and it will quickly rise to the top of the pile. Needs multi-touch though same kind of thing as on iPhone.

  2. Patrick Perez Monday, January 14, 2008

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the SC4000 were a re-badge. As I recall, EV only brings the superduper battery tech to the game. And the battery tech they have is the highest density power per ounce available from any manufacturer.

    That said, I personally use a Fujitsu ST5112 (ULV Core Duo 1.2GHz). Slates are, to me, the point of a tablet. I tried convertibles, and just don’t care to lug the keyboard (which inevitably makes the notebook too bulky/heavy. My usage scenario is the classic ‘corridor warrior’. Give me light, with enough power to run OneNote and I’m happy.


  3. I hope they improved the attachable keyboard. I have yet to see a VIDEO review of a Scribbler. Please get your hands on one.

    I really don’t see the need for touch. It’s just not a necessity for all as Motion’s CEO points out at Gottbemobile so I don’t think that’s what’s causing the decline in slates (if there is one). I think slates were slow to produce core 2 duos in 2007 and that’s what caused heads to turn.

    What proof do you have the slate is dead? Electrovaya doesn’t think so, TabletKiosk, Motion, Modbook, Fujitsu all say it ain’t so. Convertibles have always beat the slate so that’s no comparison point.

  4. I wish there were affordable slates, as it always seemed to me that convertibles cost more to make than slates.. I figure that if I want a keyboard, that’s what USB ports are for. The Fujitsu P1610 is my ideal screen size, but more expensive than I’m willing to pay. 12″ screens are simply too bulky for my tastes, but 7″ screens don’t contain the resolution I want.

  5. Mother*^%^%#*&(#%&^# God^&%^&%!!!
    It frigging figures they’d release the perfect tablet for me a week after I give in and buy a 2710p.

  6. Patrick: Tatung builds Electrovaya’s tablets, so yes, the SC4000 should be a rebadge same as their previous offerings.


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