Obama, Clinton and Business Leadership Skills

We’ve posted a few times on the leadership qualities of presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — and what you can learn from them. See: Obama’s Iowa speech: the difference btw. a Tactician and a Leader. The topic is fostering debate all over, including at Harvard Working Knowledge.

The question first caught our eye after a new book by Warren Bennis and Noel Tichy, Judgment: How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls, was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal. See Credentials? Nah. Judgment is what counts.

[The authors] assert that “making judgment calls (especially about people, strategy, and crises) is the essential job of a leader” and go on to say that “with good judgment, little else matters; without good judgment, nothing else matters.” [Even experience!]

Now HWK is conducting an Open Forum to debate the issue. We encourage you to add your thoughts about whether acquired or inherent leadership skills matter more in business. One participant says it’s neither judgment nor experience, but something else entirely:

A lot of things have been said over which influences the other. Is it judgement that is derive from experience, or experience that influences judgement. Whatever item influences the other, I feel that we are missing the point. Both judgement and experience are not shaped by one another. It is shaped by VALUES.
The reason why we had our own brand of experience is not solely due to the judegment and choices that we make.

So what do you think?

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