SyncYourMail: Synchronica’s Exchange service for iPhone launches


I last looked at Synchronica’s e-mail service for the iPhone back in August. Back then, it worked as advertised and sent my hosted Exchange e-mail right to my phone. If you’re using Exchange for your mail and the server is configured for IMAP support, you won’t need a service like this, but it comes in handy if IMAP isn’t enabled.Synchronica’s free beta still continues, but it looks like that’s drawing to a close in the near future. I just received an e-mail indicating that a professional hosted version of the service is now available at SyncYourMail. Prices are in Euros: 39.95 gets you a year of the hosted service. I should point out that the Synchronica Mobile Gateway isn’t just for iPhones: you can use it with Windows Mobile, Symbian, and many other devices as well. The service offering will vary by device; some are fully supported with contacts, calendar event and more. For the iPhone, the service is still limited to mail only. Although the company could work out over-the-air contacts and calendar items, I suspect we’ll see that natively from Apple in the first half of 2008.

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