Open Thread: What Have You Changed Your Mind About?

Answering this year’s question from the Edge World Question Center, computer scientist Jordan Pollack says he has changed his mind about email. It was once a dream, but not any more, and he imagines its replacement:

Email is now a nightmare that we have to wake up from. I don’t have a solution yet, but I believe the key to re-imagine email is to realize that our computers and phones are “always on” the net. So we can begin with synchronous messaging (both sender and receiver are online) — a cross between file sharing, SMS texting, and instant messaging — and then add grid storage mechanisms for asynchronous delivery, multiple recipients, and reliability.

The other answers make for fascinating reading, especially as many of the responses come from technologists and tackle tough issues about technology’s place in human life. I especially enjoyed Esther Dyson on online privacy and Xeni Jardin on the need for community moderators.

Has working online made you change your mind about anything?

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