7 Ways to Track Your Goals

Are you writing resolutions for 2008? Even if you’re not, you probably have some goals or at the very least some projects that capture your dreams for the future. Here are 7 ways to keep track of the things you want to make happen in your life — which one suits you?

sticky notesSticky note on your mirror. Write your two or three most important goals or resolutions on a Post-It note, and put it on your bathroom mirror, where you’ll see it every morning and evening.

Social goal setting site. Try Goalmigo, 43 Things, or AimsVille. All these sites let you record, track, and share your goals with a supportive community of people going after their own goals.

Fancy notebook. If you’re a paper to do list type of person, maybe you write your tasks in a nice notebook? Record your goals, resolutions, and projects there too.

Online list application. We like Gubb.

Document on your computer desktop or in the cloud. Use your favorite text editor or word processor, whether it’s online or off.

Index cards in your Hipster PDA. Do you like to manage your life with a POIC (pile of index cards)? Put all your goals on one card so you can refer back to it easily. Or make a card for each one so you’ll have space for capturing ideas about making it happen.

Your blog. Announce your goals publicly as well as your progress towards them and your social network will help you stay on track. They might even help you reach your goals, if they know what they are. If you like the idea of blogging your goals, but not making them available for the entire world to see, use a privacy-controlled blog host like Vox.

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