In just a little over 2 weeks us Mac geeks get to have second Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or …) When Steve Jobs takes the stage to offer the first of his two major Keynotes each year. (Otherwise dubbed, ‘Stevenote’ by super Apple nerds.) There […]

In just a little over 2 weeks us Mac geeks get to have second Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or …) When Steve Jobs takes the stage to offer the first of his two major Keynotes each year. (Otherwise dubbed, ‘Stevenote’ by super Apple nerds.) There are likely to be some exciting new hardware announcements and maybe even some new software if we’ve been extra good all year.

After a friend started asking for my thoughts on what to expect, it got the obsessive compulsive (Apple) portion of my brain going. All day long I have been contemplating my buddy’s question, and just as I convince myself of one thing, I begin rethinking the possibilities again. So, based on little more than logic and hope, here are some of the things I think we might see on January Fifteenth.

  • Updated Displays – It’s been years since the current form factor came to light and there haven’t been any real changes to the line. I think built-in iSight cameras is a no-brainer at this point. Think we’ll see anything larger than 30″? I wouldn’t be shocked if Apple went nuts with a 42-incher…
  • Slimmer MacBooks – My feeling is this will affect the lower end of the notebook line, and not affect the Pro series ‘books. However I suspect the MacBook Pro line will see some spec bumps.
  • A Sleeker Mac Pro – With today’s technology getting smaller and smaller, I’d be surprised if the Mac Pro doesn’t begin to shrink somewhat in size. I know it needs room for its eleventy cooling fans, but c’mon! This isn’t based on any kind of information whatsoever, just a thought I had. Maybe it was a dream.
  • Revamped Apple TV – This is a super long shot. But seeing as this product is sort of the red-headed step child (no offense to all the RHS children out there) of the current line of Apple products, they could do well with a major overhaul of the box. I don’t put a lot of stock in this one, but why not throw it out there just in case?
  • One Last Thing – 3G iPhones available now. This isn’t my expectation, but rather that of my friend. (He really wants to wait for a 3G iPhone.) I feel it’s too early for the 3G to come available – I would think they would wait at least until the iPhone SDK is available to hype that angle, but what do I know? Still, that would be pretty sweet. (Should this happen, look for a decent drop in Edge iPhone prices.) Other enhancements to the forthcoming 3G iPhone? I think onboard GPS and at least a bit larger HDD are musts…

So there’s my list. Maybe it’s totally off base, but I’d be jazzed about some announcements like that. Who knows – maybe a brand new mystery device will instantly drain millions of nerds’ wallets… What do you think? Got any of your own predictions for the upcoming Macworld Expo?

By Nick Santilli

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  1. I think Steve will demo a number of 3rd party iPhone apps, made by major developers using a pre-release version of the official SDK.

  2. I’m hoping for the iPhone in Canada!

  3. DeadParrot – That very well may be, however it seems like something more suited for the June Developer Conference. But given the expectations, that’s not a bad guess.

  4. Displays are a good idea, but I totally second the AppleTV comment.
    Its like Apple just plopped it out there and then ignored it. I would buy one in a new york minute if it offered TV recording.

    My predictions:
    – iPhone apps out the wazoo
    – Microsoft will get on stage to sing their support of Apple and their how-long-has-it-been update to Office.
    – Steve will continue to amaze us with an apparent unending stash of black mock turtle necks

  5. I predict an Apple branded external storage device designed to be used with Time Machine. I see them either going way basic with it so that it is just a USB 2 device or I see them making it a pretty decent NAS type device that may even be able to stream content to an Apple TV.
    What I would love to see though is a new model of Mac to fill the void between the Mac Mini and Mac Pro. I don’t want a lot. Mainly I would just like to see a system with specs similar to the iMac with room for a second internal 3.5 inch HDD and at least a single PCIe slot. I say sell it as cheaply as possible by leaving out the keyboard and mouse just like with the Mac Mini and they can even stick an Intel GPU on the motherboard as long as we have an open PCIe slot to stick something decent in. I miss the days when you could get an entry level PowerMac starting at around $1200 and you would have a pretty decent system with some nice upgradability options. I am not a fan of the iMac screens and their GPU’s are a bit low end as always, but I can’t afford a Mac Pro either.

  6. A2DP bluetooth support for stereo. And that’s why the SDK isn’t available until after MacWorld.

    I’d like to see an external keypad for the iPhone but I’m skeptical that such a thing would come from Apple.

    Wildly speculative, but why not a touchscreen iMac?

    More baseless speculation: Soundtracks on Demand that you can download in the movie theater after watching a movie.

    Sure, why not some improvements to the Apple TV, seeing that Apple appears to be inking a deal with 20th Century Fox?

  7. They are definately coming out with new monitors, and new mid sized computer cases. But you didn’t hear that from me.

  8. I’m hoping the slim MacBook prediction is right. I’ve saved a lot of money just for it.

    This is like a second Christmas!

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  10. My prediction is:
    1. A brand new ultra-portable mac book
    2. A new e-book reader/ internet device
    3. A 3g/UMTS iPhone

    The punch line is they are the same device.


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