Acquisitions, new product launches and tussling with telcos to taking on Microsoft – Google was the epicenter of technology in 2007. And as 2008 looms large, the search engine giant is slowly showing its claws.

googlestock2007.gifLooking back at 2007, we will remember it as a year Google finally grew up and showed its true colors. Sure there was Facebook and all the hoopla around its platform and privacy, but the big story of year was still Google. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company that still gets a majority of its revenues from advertising made moves that would help expand its reach into new markets.

Wireless, Voice and Applications were three areas of major push – and if that meant taking on the telcos, the FCC, Microsoft, Wikipedia and even Facebook, so be it. And along the way it is estimated to add $1.7 billion to its $10 billion or so sales in 2006. No wonder it commands a market capitalization of $217 billion. Here are some of the major developments of a very Google-y 2007.

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  1. Google has had a busy 2007, I’d expect even more in 2008.

  2. When are we going to see a Yahoo-type portal on Google.com homepage? With so many properties with Google, I guess they will have to eventually do it someday.

  3. @Anand, they already have iGoogle. :)

  4. Hi Anand, they have iGoogle page that is most visited property of Google this year.

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  6. Seriously, even their increase in sales doesn’t justify their current marketcap. Let’s cool the bubble hype down.

  7. What was the outcome of the Viacom lawsuit? I guess I could do a search, but it seems like that is the only bad thing in the list above. I’m just really happy that the amount of storage for Gmail was increased.

  8. Mark W

    nothing has been resolved on the Viacom lawsuit front just yet. I think it is going to be a major story next year, and clearly Viacom is putting its own plans in place to compete.

  9. @ Mike B,

    Well, no argument there about their over inflated market capitalization. The big story next year will be: can they keep it up.

  10. @Pushkar, Chris

    I agree with you both to an extent. If you go by the definition of a ‘portal’, yes iGoogle is a portal. But I see it as Google’s equivalent of MyYahoo – a personalized desktop. I may have not articulated properly, but I was just referring to the Google homepage getting cluttered with more of their property in the future.

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