Short video: size comparison of 875U and USB727 3G modems

[youtube=]As I mentioned earlier this week, the AT&T 3G coverage really hasn’t been where I’m working when out and about. Since Verizon Wireless offers their Broadband Access plan at the same price and has much better coverage in my work areas, I pulled the trigger on the USB727 modem which arrived today. Aside from faster speeds in my home office, the smaller size is much more appealing to me than the larger 875U AirCard. Here’s a quick comparison of the two devices; you can easily see the difference. The real test is the bandwidth when I’m away from the home office, so more to follow as I test out the EV-DO Rev. A speeds. I also like the microSD slot, which will work on all of my devices.I didn’t mention this on the video, but this modem apparently has a GPS module built-in. It looks as though it is disabled, but I’ll be doing more research to confirm my suspicions. Hmm… would be nice to have GPS on all of my mobile devices, now wouldn’t it?

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