BattStat, a free Notebook Hardware Control alternative

BattstatmainWe’ve sung the praises of Notebook Hardware Control (NHC) for the information it provides on your mobile device but BattStat looks to be a comparable, free PC application. It may not provide the same levels of hardware control as NHC, but most, if not all of the same hardware information is readily available. You can view CPU speed, CPU load, hard drive temp, battery drain and much more.BattstatminiBattStat can be set to run in the system tray, but like NHC, I find that the menu from the tray to be a little large on the small-screened devices I typically use. However, BattStat offers up the basics in a small window which can help save precious screen real-estate. Using smart battery support, BattStat will also provides a wear indicator of your battery, just like NHC. BattStat is supported on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.(via Cybernet)

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