Sell-Off! Roommates vs. quarterlife

MySpace recently launched two original web series: the high-minded (and high-priced) quarterlife, about 20-nothings in existential crises (check out Karina’s review), and the blatantly low-brow Roommates, about slender women lounging in bikinis. While the two take very different approaches to webisodic entertainment, they both appear to have the same mission: to sell you a car.

Roommates shamelessly hawks Fords, while quarterlife tries to weave its Toyota lovin’ into the story (two characters are making a commercial for Toyota, how meta!). Product placements are a fact of life, especially for nascent web series — but which one works better? After the jump, watch both and vote in our poll.

First up, Roommates and the Ford Focus:

Roommates Ep14: The Test Drive

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And now, quarterlife brings you, the Prius:

quarterlife Part 1

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Well, which one convinced you? The not-even-gonna-hide it approach from Roommates, or the angst-ridden pretensions of quarterlife?

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