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Projects R Us: There continues to be plenty of innovation and ferment in the online project management space. If you’re not satisfied with your current solution, two more entrants have recently hit my radar. Etelos Projects for Google Apps integrates with iGoogle, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Calendar, pulling everything together in its own front end. Meanwhile, SpotOn! is more of a direct BaseCamp competitor, with project templates, file and document management, issue tracking, and an internal message system to keep your team members in touch with each other.

Sometimes, You Just Have to Be There – And a couple of web sites want to make the travel easier. PublicRoutes can give you public transit directions, schedules, and fares in about 30 US cities as well as nationwide driving directions to help you get to the bus or subway in the first place. Meanwhile Traffic.com claims nationwide coverage for traffic alerts (though in practice this means about 50 major metropolitan areas); you can check their web site or sign up for email alerts to find out where you’re going to get stuck.

Now With More Networking – Wink, which came out on top of our recent roundup of people search engines, has released version 2 of their site. Now you can claim and edit your own profile on Wink, build up a friends network, add a Wink widget to your own blog or web site, and assemble feeds of your friends’ postings.

Click Your Way to a New Theme – With CSSEZ, pretty much anyone can develop a new theme for WordPress, Movable Type, Livedoor, or Ameba. They’ve got an online design tool that lets you just click through menus and pickers and such, with instant visual feedback as you make changes. When you’re done, download and install your new custom theme. Register on the site to be able to save and share themes as well.

Who Knew There Was an Official Version? – Tony Buzan is the inventor of mind maps, a technique we’ve had a thing or two to say about here. What I hadn’t realized is that he also endorses iMindMap as “the world’s only official mind mapping software.” It’s a desktop tool only, available for Windows, Mac or Linux, and recently upgraded to version 2 with a batch of new functionality.

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