Fix for Wireless Networks Not Recognized in Leopard

Since I installed Leopard, I’ve been noticing some strange behavior with my wireless networks. When my Macbook Pro wakes from sleep, I get a window warning that none of my preferred wireless networks can be found, and offering me a choice of the various ones it can see.


One of these, oddly, is my house network. I have a WPA2 encrypted network, so I enter the key, check ‘remember this network’ and click join. So far so good – except that this happens every time my laptop wakes up. (This all wouldn’t be nearly so annoying if my WPA key weren’t twenty or so mostly-random characters long, but I digress.) I have rebuilt and repaired my keychain, deleted and recreated the key for my wireless network, and deleted all the associated preference files, all to no avail. Every time it wakes up, there’s the window again.

Frustrated, the other day I chose ‘cancel’ instead. The window vanished and, on a lark, I tried connecting to my network from the normal airport menu. Surprisingly, that worked without a blink.  Evidently, the key is being remembered somewhere, it just hasn’t reached whatever process is responsible for this little box.

The forums lead me to believe that I am not alone in this strange forgetfulness; that’s where I got the above fixes, in fact. While this little workaround doesn’t fix anything permanently, others may find it useful.  And who knows – perhaps 10.5.1, supposedly rolling later this week, will fix this.

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