Q-Cells Buys Solar Fields

German photovoltaics manufacturer Q-Cells (QCE) said today that it has bought Toledo, Ohio-based Solar Fields for $5-million plus stock. Solar Fields will be merged with Q-Cell’s Calyxo subsidiary to form Calyxo USA, of which Solar Fields LLC now owns a 7 percent share.

Calyxo USA assumes control of all of Solar Field assets and intellectual properties, merging the two companies’ production of cadmium telluride (CdTe) photovoltaic modules. Thin-film technology has many speculators hopeful, and Q-Cells follows GE (GE) in investing in CdTe technology. There are associated health and safety risks in working with cadmium, but CdTe has the potential for high efficiencies and low production costs.

This is just the latest in solar giant Q-Cells’ expansion into the solar industry. Earlier this year Q-Cells invested in Solaria. And with Calyxo USA, Q-Cells continues to diversify its holdings in the solar sector.


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