Turn Up the TV, I'm Working

red couchTime blogger Bill Tancer likes to get work done while watching TV:

Lately I’ve been obsessed with couch multitasking — either working over e-mail while watching the tube, or in most cases adding depth to what I see on the television with real-time web-based research. Tonight, as I actually write a column while watching TV and simultaneously researching what I’m watching, I’m entering dangerous spousal territory. But based on independent research, I don’t think I’m alone in this obsession.

I know Tancer’s not the only one who occasionally mixes TV watching into work time. Sometimes when I get bogged down and unmotivated and sick of sitting in the same place, I take my laptop to the upstairs bedroom and work on the bed while getting dinner ideas from Food Network TV. Other times I set up on the kitchen table so I can help the kids with homework while I answer email.

That’s one great thing about mobile connectedness — you can more smoothly mix your work and your life together, whether it be making TV watching into research like Tancer does or turning homework time into homework-and-zero-inbox time.

The risk, of course, is that you compromise your work and your personal life because you’re always mixing everything together, never giving either full attention. (If you have trouble keeping work and home separate, see our tips for transitioning between work and home when work’s at home.)

How do you mix together work and personal life at home? On the couch? At the kitchen table?

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