Iyaz Akhtar wrote earlier about some of the new features in Leopard, set to debut in nine days. The full list spans over 300 new features — some of them niftier than others. This is my first major OS X upgrade since I switched (back) to […]

index_hero20071016.jpg Iyaz Akhtar wrote earlier about some of the new features in Leopard, set to debut in nine days. The full list spans over 300 new features — some of them niftier than others.

This is my first major OS X upgrade since I switched (back) to Mac, and it struck me as funny that a friend wants to wait a week to see what issues come up with Leopard. (Isn’t that what beta testing is for?) So I have two questions for you, dear readers:

  1. Are you planning to upgrade to Leopard immediately or soon after it becomes available on October 26th?
  2. What 1 or 2 new features or enhancements are you most excited about?

I’ve already preordered my copy, and I can’t wait for the new AppleScript and scripting bridge as well as beefed up security (especially 256-bit AES).

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  1. Also preordered a copy (5 license edition) in the Dutch store.
    The normal Dutch site hasn’t been updated but the store is already new…

  2. I am not sure if I will bother upgrading at all. I am currently using a 1 GHz G4 iBook which does meet the minimum requirements but I am planning to get a new Mac (iMac most likely) within the next two months and so far I have yet to be excited by any of the new features (haven’t heard if they got ZFS support working or not for the final version though). I figure I might as well put the money I would spend on the upgrade towards the new machine which will include the new OS.

    Another reason I think I should just stick with 10.4 on this iBook is that I have a feeling that this is going to be the first version of OS X that doesn’t run as good as or better than the previous version. With the exception of 10.4 (which didn’t seem to be any faster or slower than 10.3 on my hardware) so far for me every version of Mac OS X has run better than the version before it. I fear this streak is going to be ending soon.

  3. I plan on upgrading relatively soon, definitely within a week or two of it’s release at most.

    I’m most looking forward to the new finder, which looks to streamline navigation immensely, and as a relatively new switcher to Macs (I bought mine at the beginning of the summer of 2006), the finder is the one thing that I still can’t stand. As it is now, it’s practically broken. So I’m definitely excited for the redesign.

    The other feature I’m really excited about is spaces. Sure, there have been virtual desktop managers around for a long while, however spaces seems to do it in a non-buggy, smooth, intuitive, and natural way. On my linux boxes I’m a multiple desktop junkie, and I can’t wait to be able to do it hassle-free in Leopard.

  4. Pre-ordered my educational copy today, a whole $13 off from those money-gubbing whores in Redmond, oh wait, we are Mac users aren’t we, huh, getting a bit confusing with all the Gates-esque moves that keep flowing out of the Fruit campus.

    But pretty much excited to not be running Tiger and playing with all the new features to see what improves my machine’s performance and my workflows and my playflows as well.

  5. Leopard may be Tiger with more features but they are nice upgrades and worth the money IMO. I’m most excited about better annotation in Preview, the new Quick Look and the Finder features. Although I don’t need Finder much thanks to Quicksilver and Pathfinder.

  6. If you buy it from your campus bookstore instead of the Apple education site, you’d only pay $50 or so.

    I do plan on switching over on release day, the delay in launch seems to have given extra time for most of the third-party software I use to get Leopard updates already.

  7. yeah, i’m planning on upgrading. i’m most looking forward to spaces and stacks

  8. I can’t wait for it!
    I am looking forward to Time Machine!

    Oh yea, I made this little widget that will count down to the release of leopard, it can be found here: http://www.needmacsupport.com/news/news.html

  9. I have already ordered my copy, and I really look forward to trying out the new Apple Mail – will it handle text coding in a way so that some European characters won’t look like chinese when being sent to people with Exchange Servers.
    I am also looking forward to the new Spotlight and Finder abilities.

  10. What’s really important IMO is the fact, that Leopard is UNIX 03 certified. Check out this page to learn more about UNIX technology in Leopard and this page to see what exclusive club Leopard just joined.

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