UMA: T-Mobile’s secret weapon. Truphone: everyone else’s?

TruphonelogoAndy Abramson is another one of those people much smarter than me. That’s why I’ve followed his VoIP Watch blog for some time and highly recommend you do as well. Today, Andy shares some thoughts on T-Mobile’s UMA service that I completely agree with. While all of us data-centric users are patiently waiting for government squatters to move on so T-Mo can roll out their 3G data network, the voice side of the house is quietly expanding in scope and size with UMA. Like Andy, I’m excited by the prospect of voice calls that seamlessly transfer from cellular networks to WiFi networks and I see it as a key advantage that T-Mobile holds over the other carriers. What I didn’t see until Andy mentioned it: Truphone could be an easy, low-cost strategic play for AT&T and others here in the U.S.; a great counter to T-Mobile’s early UMA adoption due to its SIP basis.

I’ll have to play with Truphone on a Nokia device to better understand where all of this mobile voice over in the Ether is heading, but for now, I’ll stick with Andy’s train of thought. Hey, the quickest way to get smarter is to hang out with (or read) the smart kids. I’d love to hear some reader thoughts on either UMA or Truphone experiences…

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