Tesla's Co-Founder: Electric Cars Have Been Pieces of Crap

Now that Silicon Valley’s own electric car company, Tesla, is planning on delivering the Roadster at least a year behind schedule, the company is doing some serious PR work in the WSJ this morning, with both an article and a video interview with co-founder and former CEO Martin Eberhard.

The article doesn’t add much to the discussion, but the video interview is pretty classic. Eberhard says all the other people that have tried to start electric car companies have been wrong and those cars have been “pieces of crap” that nobody has wanted to buy. Hopefully the Roadster can take up that gauntlet. Here’s the quote:

In general, it seemed to me, that the way that all other people have started electric car companies — gotten into the business — was wrong. They wanted to make a car that would save the world, so they need to make a car that everybody can afford. And they tried to come in at the bottom end of the market. And they tried to go up against very, very mature companies and a very, very mature industry, and every single component that they buy costs them double what Honda or Hyundai or somebody pays for that same part. So they wind up with a car that is a piece of crap and nobody wants to buy it.

And the video:

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