comScore is about to issue September 2007 user engagement and page views data, and it seems like the SVFurby, I mean Facebook unique visitors took a little dip. See the little decline on the red line. I can’t exactly tell how many and how accurate the […]


comScore is about to issue September 2007 user engagement and page views data, and it seems like the SVFurby, I mean Facebook unique visitors took a little dip. See the little decline on the red line. I can’t exactly tell how many and how accurate the data is, but it looks like a dip.

I just got the spread sheet and there seems to be a 9.3% decline in their unique visitors from 33.75 million in August 2007 to 30.6 million in September 2007. Even their page views are down 3.8% from August 2007. (See chart.) The only company with worse performance: Classmates.com which has filed to go public. Its unique visitors tanked 19.8%.


Why would that happen to both Facebook ahead of back-to-school season? It just doesn’t make any sense! Unless of course, the unthinkable is happening. I hope to chat with FB tomorrow and get more on this.

Update: In the light of the current data, the recent funding attempts by Facebook become even more important. Kara Swisher is reporting that Yahoo is not quite out of the picture as an investor.

But sources says Yahoo is seriously considering making a major investment in Facebook. Such a move would be bold for the typically cautious Yahoo, which bungled an attempt to buy Facebook entirely for a bit over $1 billion last year (some say $1.6 billion, but I am told the issue had to do with actually reaching a number just over $1 billion).

  1. Om – now you know that SF law requires you not to speak negatively about facebook. Had you remained in NYC, you could speak like that :)

    Press, press, press – now leveling off.. like a plane – goes up and up and then levels off – this is the leveling time for facebook. you may now use your tray table.

    BTW, I launched a platform tonight:

  2. Thank you Allen. But as they say, once a new yorker always a new yorker. and i was wearing black by the way. i loved the platform post.

  3. Thanks :)

    I hope we get a chance to meetup in vegas – You are one of the people I would love to get a chance to chat with.

  4. I am not THAT surprised by this. Lots of FB users love it for its ability to reconnect with old friends. When they first sign up…they’re addicted. But most of my friends have cooled afterwards.

    They still use it. They just aren’t addicted anymore :-).

    I bet amongst adult users the #’s of new-sign-ups are increasing, and overall use amongst these folks goes down once they’ve have had a month or so to reconnect.

  5. I hate using Face Book. Orkut rulz… no one here like orkut… simple, easy, stylish, fast and elegant

  6. My guess (and that’s what it is) is high school kids back to school – no hanging out at mom and dad’s pc during the day, and competing for the time at night.

  7. Now Om you’re probably just being an FB hater because of how insufferable the valley can be about the thing of the moment.

    As I discuss on my blog relying on comscore is a bit dicey – you know as a publisher as well as anyone that comscore’s numbers are typically crap. Anyway – Alexa – another flawed toolbar tracking service – shows no such sept. decline – I put the graph in the post. Dave Morin of FB, at our mutual friend’s Dave McClure’s conf this week, showed their sept. traffic numbers and it showed no such decline. Food for thought.


    @Allen – that is one funny post.

  8. Actually, it’s easily explainable.

    As college freshmen, recently accepted students are looking to bond with new classmates – especially having returned from orientation. This is almost wholly facilitated through facebook, as no other service provides a intra-collegiate framework for the social anticipation.

    In addition, many facebook users are school students, whether in highschool or college, and as the summer draws to a close they’re connecting with those they met over the summer and more importantly, posting pictures of what they’d done during the break.

    As school starts, both of these major usages will draw to a close – hence the ‘dip.’

  9. I’m not surprised by this either, but I think there is another unspoken reason that no one seems to be picking up on.
    Facebook’s users were always a bit up-market and less techy than MySpace’s or other sites. The opening up of the App-Factory on Facebook has created a lot of buzz among avid fans of Facebook but also a lot of clutter on the site, which I think turns off the casual user (and many of Facebook’s 30 mm users are casual). I’ve heard a number of my friends, who previously used Facebook for a lot of their communications with friends tune out and express disgust with the number of mindless apps that are crowding up their “walls” and pages. I don’t know how many times someone can “throw a sheep” at me until it ceases to become funny and marginally beneficial to me as a user.

    There is a trade-off between marginal benefit of an app and marginal cost (of annoyance or wasted time) and I think some of FB’s users are displaying their distaste of that marginal cost.

  10. scott mcdougall Wednesday, October 10, 2007

    I find facebook interface to be ugly and not very intuitive and I HATE the ugly popup flashy tacky adds. The Advertising is TACKY.
    It is also not the easiest thing to navigate and in many aspects the logic is convoluted.
    Looks bad, stale square, like and old PC-AT with windows 98 now a brick that holds open a door. I run facebook on my MAC, it makes my MAC look bad IMO.

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