Idiot Alert: Man sues Apple for ‘bricking’ iPhone

Where high profiles and high profits exist, so do the scum of the earth.

First, Dongmei Li sues Apple for $1 million for chopping $200 off the iPhone. Apparently the $200 she “lost” when Apple dropped the price is now worth 5,000 times what it was a month ago.

Now, Timoth Smith has filed a lawsuit against Apple for ‘bricking’ iPhones that have been unlocked. The ‘bricking’ he is referring to is in reference to an update Apple released that rendered many iPhones useless…specifically iPhones that had been hacked to work with other phone carriers.

His lawsuit ultimately asserts that since Apple refuses to let users use other carriers, they are able to charge more than they would had they “been in a competitive marketplace.” Smith says that as a result of this lack of competition he “paid too much for the iPhone.”

Mr. Smith, last I checked Apple in no way forced you to buy a single item from them. This is a free country and you made the choice to get out of bed, walk your sue-happy butt in to the Apple store and drop some cash on a new phone. You then go and hack it to use other phone carriers outside of who Apple says the phone will work with and now you’re ticked that your phone, gasp, doesn’t work? Get over yourself. Learn some self-control and don’t buy a phone that doesn’t do what you want it to do.


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