DEMOfall 2007 Roundup: Preview Day

Fire up those press releases, the fall session of the DEMO Conference kicks off this evening. Sessions haven’t even started and the news is already flying. Here’s a quick rundown of the stories so far.

MetaRadar is debuting its MediaMasher, which it hopes will put an end to having a million tabs open in your browser by consolidating the aggregation and sharing of content into one tool that spans the desktop and mobile devices. The Masher lets you grab content from RSS feeds, web sites, social communities, news sources, video links, photographs, etc., and share it across your social networks.

ClipBlast, a video search startup that tends towards extreme hyperbole in its press releases, will unveil a video widget that enables search, navigation, browsing and viewing web video from the desktop. ClipBlast has lined up content providers including MySpace, Showtime, Fox (NWS) and CBS (CBS) for branded versions of the video widget for specific audiences.

Speaking of widgets, Your Truman Show is introducing its VideoMap widget, which lets online video producers and fans to share content across social networks. VideoMap can be placed and accessed by anyone on the Internet, in Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, YourTrumanShow or any other site. It sports a graphical video relationship map that shows inbound and outbound links as well as the video content you want to share. Sounds kinda cool, but who’s using Your Truman Show to post videos? is unveiling a service that promises to make your videos better, by bringing MotionDSP’s video enhancement solutions to user-generated content. The technology improves overall resolution, corrects bad lighting and removes the blockiness and other artifacts that ruin many mobile phone and low-end digital camera videos. Looks like MotionDSP is wavering on who their customer is, moving from copyright finder to a consumer product.

Check back throughout the week for more updates.

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