With September ending, and Leopard effectively promised for October, the 10.4.11 ‘fix list’ keeps piling up. That I know of right now, it supposedly should cover: CUPS, VPN and L2TP, audio bugs (Core Audio and .m4a), AFP server issues, USB devices, networking fixes (again), BSD and […]

With September ending, and Leopard effectively promised for October, the 10.4.11 ‘fix list’ keeps piling up. That I know of right now, it supposedly should cover: CUPS, VPN and L2TP, audio bugs (Core Audio and .m4a), AFP server issues, USB devices, networking fixes (again), BSD and interlock timeouts, and all kinds of ‘enhancements.’

I know that I, at least have a couple of machines that are not going to be running Leopard ever – they just can’t hack it. They’re fine for their purpose, lab machines all, but they don’t meet system requirements for Leopard and never will. I have only three machines – my Macbook Pro, my G5 Powermac, and a G4 iMac – that can, in fact. Accordingly, I am much more interested in Tiger updates than Leopard. I’ve seen all the reviews and feature lists for Leopard already.

Here’s what I’m hoping for in 10.4.11:

  • Playing .ogg, .wma, and .flac without extra plugins or conversions.
  • Not crashing G4 machines when a Samba share goes missing. (Elegant disconnects.)
  • Pie in the sky, but – an icon editor/replacement app?
  • Reliable time from a network timeserver running on a Windows machine, because there’s nothing like locking an Active Directory password because Kerberos is being cranky.
  • Better interoperability with Active Directory – companies are not going to be switching to Leopard on a large scale yet, and fixing this in Tiger is the way to go.

What do you hope to see?

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  1. I would love to see native Ogg/Vorbis playback in Quicktime; I’ve been hoping for it since the early days of Tiger. I don’t think it’ll happen though. Apple’s got a vested interest in keeping their consumers’ music libraries in MP3 and AAC (none of the iPods can decode Ogg/Vorbis, can you imagine the volume of support calls they’d get?).
    I would add “better overall network file server support” to your Samba bullet point. Leopard’s network file server browser actually works (*gasp*), but Tiger’s has remained in the “Windows for Workgroups 3.11 workgroup browser” format for far too long. Networks are not partitioned into workgroups anymore, everybody knows this; Apple just hasn’t bothered updating Tiger to reflect that.
    An icon editor application would enable users to modify the look & feel of the OS. One of the reasons why Apple’s never put much effort into “user appearance customization” was that their OS’s look and feel is heavily tied into Apple’s branding. We all know, and can instantly recognize, Apple’s distinctive red, yellow, and green window dots. Same with the iTunes, Finder, Safari, Mail, and iCal icons.
    My time server always syncs to time.apple.com, and I’ve never had my Active Directory account lock me out. Maybe your AD admin should loosen up the lock out policy? ;)
    A whole-hearted second for the Active Directory integration. Allthough it works, its clunky. I don’t forsee Leopard to be any different though, what with Apple pushing its own Open Directory. Along these lines, I’d love to see iCal actually acknowledge Exchange calendaring and maybe do something to integrate, but I know that’s a dream too, now with CalDAV/Calendar Server coming in Leopard Server.

  2. I would like to see fixed the very old Preview.app bug that doesn’t allow to empty the trash with a pdf inside, until quitting Preview…

  3. FileVault causes system wide problems. It won’t allow WoW install or acrobat updates, causes file association “forgetting”, preferences reset, menuitems wipe, etc.

    It is about time to fix it.

  4. Nicolas Richeton Monday, September 24, 2007

    Disappearing samba shares make also crash Intel machines. I had several system crashes on my MacBook when switching wifi network while having some shares still mounted. Even if it does not crash, OSX takes several minutes to timeout on unreachable shares.

    I hope this will be fixed someday.

  5. Fix iSync syncronize issue with various phones.

    Dream: changing Safari 2 webkit engine to the newest build :p . No more 3 Safari(es) on my Application forlder.

  6. I’m also looking for a fix for Samba induced crashes. It happens regularly on my MacBook. I find it ridiculous that OS X can’t deal with losing connectivity in a better way. It almost always requires a hard reboot!

  7. for the love of god OGG and FLAC, i feel like a software update could fix all the old ipods

  8. Call me paranoid…but I’m wary of committing my machine to the final version of any OS. I’ve used Macs since OS7.5, and I’ve seen too often the need to revert back to the previous version (don’t forget to clone!!).

    Now, I’m not saying that Apple would deliberately build flaws into the final update to force users to upgrade to the next OS, but, if the final update sucks, there’s little motivation for Apple to improve it.

    10.4.10 works fine for me and I’ll probably stick with it….unless Leopard really looks good…..and 10.5.1 comes out…

  9. C’mon, ogg and flac support? From Apple?

    You can convert your flac files to Apple Lossless with no loss of quality and a gain in usefulness. Oggs are another matter, but a conversion to a slightly higher bit rate AAC should be inaudible. Or just re-rip them, if they are from your own CDs. But it’s silly to expect Apple to go out of the way to support a format or two that basically no one uses.

  10. Stephanie Guertin Monday, September 24, 2007

    @ShavenYak – Granted, I don’t know that all that many people use .ogg and .flac – the comments to this post tend to lean the other way. Even if that’s true, though, are more readable codecs ever a bad thing, from an end-user angle?

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