The Green Woz

wozniak1.jpgFor Apple (AAPL) co-founder Steve Wozniak, well-designed computers are like green buildings: it’s all about efficiency. That was one of the messages that came from Wozniak during an onstage interview at the West Coast Green conference in San Francisco on Thursday.

Think Wozniak and green, and his $700 Prius speeding ticket or his love of the eco-friendly segway might spring to mind. Wozniak’s early computer designs, made with little money and fewer parts, are actually an accidental example of his first green work, he pointed out during the interview.

Nowadays he’s also a budding eco building enthusiast and says he likes the idea of building his own earth-friendly home. And he’s actually serious about it — check out his green home plans here.

When asked what he thought the worst green technology idea was, at first Wozniak said there were so many green tech ideas out there that he couldn’t say or even compare. But in true Wozniak form, he ended with a riff on how although the Tesla is electric and therefore not supposed to pollute, it connects to the energy grid, which is largely powered by coal. Well put.


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