Feedback: Your iPhone Picks?

As with any new Apple product, the accessory market has exploded for the iPhone. With the new product and accessories come scores of websites, fan forums, and reviews of everything under the sun that may be related. But the resulting problem often times becomes a glut of information; And who do you really listen to at that point?

So this post is aimed at all those iPhone carrying members of the Apple elite. For those already sporting the iPhone, tell us your favorite accessories. Hearing opinions from real people (rather than faceless blogs/forums/etc) tends to carry more weight with many consumers, so share you iPhone accessory experiences – good, bad, and ugly!

For those either in the market for an iPhone, or newly cool (that would be, just bought an iPhone – no, I don’t fit either category…) hopefully following the comments of this thread will bring you some good options to protect your latest geek-toy.


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