Don’t be a jerk about ringtones

Ringtones I was excited to learn that Ringtones were now a part of iTunes. I thought it would be great if I could mash up some stuff in GarageBand, or shoot, even my current iTunes tracks, and easily get them on my iPhone. I hurriedly downloaded my new copy of iTunes to get this ability to work. So I right click on my Vanilla Ica song and I’m told I can’t create this ringtone because it isn’t available. Wha? I own this song! I bought the CD and imported it. Its mine, not AT&T’s or Apple’s. Mine, and yes of course I share it with the Vanilla Ice and their label. Other than that, it shouldn’t cost me a thing to throw this on my $599 iPhone. Secondly, if I can buy the whole song for a buck, why would I want 30 seconds of it for the same price?

In short, Apple and AT&T, stop being jerks about ringtones. Sure, I get that we as a society probably don’t want to hear an individual’s bad chop job of Ice Ice Baby. While I appreciate your efforts to protect ourselves from ourselves we are still in the land of the free. As in freedom to do what we want within the laws that bind us. This case, however is a blatant attempt at capitalist extremism. Gruber says it best:

“Yes, this might have further antagonized Apple’s already-contentious relationship with the music labels (and with the entertainment media conglomerates in general; cf. NBC), but the reason these relationships are rocky is that the executives running these companies are stubborn fools who are only willing to consider ways to keep things the way they were, and who hold their own customers in utter contempt. You can’t reason with the masterminds behind “ringles”.”

Guys, you’ve been blazing the trail and getting these old hats to see the future the way we want it. Why ruin the song with this dance? It seems like this took a significant more amount of logistics and infrastructure to put out ring tones than needed. So, let us do what we want with what we already have. If I feel like it is worth a buck I can just buy the ring tone. Take my dollar in that case, otherwise let me enjoy what those dollars already provided me.

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