Will Your Future iPod Store 30,000 Movies?

In a development that could have serious implications for your future iPod, IBM (IBM) has announced a possible breakthrough in the ability to store large amounts of data in a minute amount of space.

iPodScientists from IBM have shown that a single atom can maintain its magnetic direction. And while this may mean nothing to the average Joe, IBM is touting this discovery as a future storage method for all kinds of data. According to the company scientists, atoms would be ideal for storing the “1s” and “0s” that encompass the current storage of movies, music and more. But while this may sound great, don’t hold your breath — the culmination of this technology, according to the in-house researchers, is still many years off.

That said, it doesn’t stop us from considering the possibilities, now does it? According to the scientists, this new technique would allow you to store up to 30,000 movies in a device about the size of an iPod. If that’s true, just imagine the amount of storage possible on a TiVo, DVR and even a computer. Simply put, the days of counting movie hours to assess storage capabilities could finally be abandoned in favor of counting movies themselves.

If these IBM scientists can capitalize on their findings, GBs may soon pale in comparison to atoms and molecules.

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