That’s why they call it beta … 19 months after a flashy debut for the Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Video Store at CES, Google Video is dropping p…

That’s why they call it beta … 19 months after a flashy debut for the Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Video Store at CES, Google Video is dropping paid video completely. Not only that, users are being told that videos they have purchased through the service will not be accessible after August 15. Rented and purchased videos had to be viewed through the Google Video player and aren’t portable. A Google spokesman tells AP: “”The current change is a reaffirmation of our commitment to building out our ad-supported…models for video.” He wouldn’t say how many people bought videos through the service.

The AP says Google Video’s pay model was doomed by “the proliferation of free clips on other Web sites” including the one it acquired for $1.76 billion: YouTube. That’s tempting — but, despite the efforts of some very talented people, Google Video as an all-in-one video destination just didn’t work. The launch didn’t happen for several days after the huge burst of publicity and what little premium content the store offered — CBS, Charlie Rose, ITN, NBA — was hard to find. At the same time, YouTube gained steam as a user-gen destination, networks started to offer broadband streams of their shows as well as download-to-own, iTunes caught on for video purchases/downloads — and Google’s own efforts in online video advertising gathered steam.

AP sees this as an example of Google’s willingness to close something that isn’t working. It’s also another example of Google’s fallibility.

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  1. I mean, it's okay if a company stops something which isn't working. And in this case it was totally clear that this system cannot work as long as there are free video provider like YouTube. But in my opinion it is not okay to leave the people alone who bought some videos on this platform. Why would it be so difficult just to give people, who already purchased some videos, the opportunity to download the videos? For this seems not to be very customer friendly!

  2. talented people or not i found their video site a disaster. and i was always so shocked by that–as a content owner what i saw was no marketing saavy, badly organized, no enticing categories, with a few exceptions mostly uninteresting content etc. Lets not even go to the design place (even if they were operating on the keep it simple etc principle- really boring). there are an infinite number of players doing it better and for a while now- from Joost to Jamaan to all of the free sites and the actual content owners sites, I never understood the attraction to content owners of going there except for the fact that it was google- this is one ending I do not find surprising. they'll be better off working this business with you tube and the folks there seem to understand the world of on line content much better

  3. Does anyone really care??? It's only an Internet…a bit of cheap fun nothing else.

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