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Yesterday Apple announced and released its much anticipated spreadsheet application called Numbers.

Numbers is described as “spreadsheets the Mac way,” with the application offering significantly more functionality past just simply charting information and numbers. It’s a solid mixture of information organization, number calculation, and page layout/design.

The interface for numbers if very intuitive and is very easy to learn. Apple has quite a few Numbers tutorials on their website to help you learn even faster.

Below is a gallery of screenshots of the new Numbers interface. Enjoy!

Full layout of the new Numbers application

Numbers Full Layout

Numbers is part information organization, part page layout

Number Page Layout

Edit photo masks right in the program

Numbers Edit Mask

Create checklists that tally up sums

Numbers Checked Items

Create simple check lists

Numbers Checklist

Make table cell drop-down menus

Numbers Cell Drop Down

Create a “slider” to adjust numbers

Numbers Slider

Use pre-built functions or edit them manually

Numbers Functions

Attach notes to tables and cells

Numbers Notes

Create multiple pages in one document and keep them organized with the Sheets area

Numbers Sheets

Easily change the entire style of a table with customizable style sheets

Numbers Style Sheets


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