California Clean Tech Open Announces Finalists

Clean tech business competitions are actually a great way for startups to find funding, industry interest and media attention. So we are excited to see that the California Clean Tech Open competition has announced its 50 finalists that will be vying for $600,000 worth of prizes.

There will be a winner and a runner-up chosen from each of the six categories by October.

Here’s a list of the startups. (We’ll check out the individual companies in detail over the coming months):

  • Air, Water & Waste Category Finalists:Cascade Clean Energy, EarthGuard, Exergy Systems, Inc., Friendly Cow Biogas, Go Green Go, Microvi Biotech, LLC, Nanoaqueonics, Waste Not, Want Not Vision Energy Corp.
  • Energy Efficiency Category Finalists: Ahwahnee Technology, Aquarian Microsystems – Active Micro-Control of Refrigerant Liquids, Blue Earth Energy, Inc., Civil Twilight, Nila, Inc., Progressive Cooling Solutions, SuperBulbs
    Zee Dynamics, Inc.
  • Green Building Category Finalists: BuildFast, E-Mod, Enverity Corporation, Morgan Digital Works, ReBond, Redwood Renewables, Sustainable Spaces, Vertical Landscape
  • Renewables Category Finalists: 1-Solar, Ascentool Inc., Hoda Globe Company, Humdinger Wind Energy, LLC, Lite Trough, Sereno Solar, SolarAire, LLC, SolarSeal Technology, Tahoe Water Systems
  • Smart Power Category Finalists: Blue Joule,, Euclid Street Technologies, Federspiel Controls, Grid Saver, Lucid Design Group
  • Transportation Category Finalists: barefoot motors, LLC, BGT Biogasoline, High Merit Thermoelectrics, Hum Cycles, ICR Advanced Vehicle Engine, New American Energy, Inc.(dba Mighty Algae Biofuels), RideSpring, RFT, Syncromatics, The Last Mile
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