The Incredible Disappearing Power Adapter

The Original 85W MacBook Pro MagSafe Power AdapterI have read that Apple is shrinking its 85W Power Adapter for the MacBook Pro to a more manageable size.  I remember first getting my MacBook Pro, an upgrade from a TiBook, and noting the size of the power brick.  I thought it was laughable that Apple expected users to plug in this brick in a standard outlet.

While preparing for a trip, I forgot my MacBook Pro adapter.  Luckily, I would be in New York City for some business.  I figured I could easily pick up a new 85W Power  Adapter at an Apple Store, but boy was I wrong.  I had not been in an Apple Store in four years (I live in Vermont, not exactly a hotbed of Apple Stores).  I got to see the one on Price Street, Apple Store SoHo.  The place was extremely clean and the place was buzzing, but there was not an MacBook Pro power adapter in stock.  I asked an Apple Store employee to see if the 5th Avenue store had any — but no luck.  There went my excuse to go to the big glass cube.

I even checked the Albany Apple Store to no avail.  Looks like Apple has been very busy clearing out the old MacBook Pro power adapter in anticipation of the new and more conveniently-sized adapter.  Also, there are no third party power adapters since the MagSafe connector is patented by Apple and they have yet to license the patent to others.

I was told by an Apple Store employee that the MagSafe adapter for the MacBook (the 60W version) would work in a pinch for a MacBook Pro.  He told me that the 60W MagSafe adapter would charge a MacBook Pro “incredibly slowly” but it would indeed work.  He had not heard that Apple had redesigned the MacBook Pro Power Adapter.  He also told me that I would be able to exchange the product for store credit.   I told him that I would hold him personally responsible if I was not allowed to return the product.  The Apple Store employee quickly responded by handing me his card and reassuring me that an exchange should not be a problem.

I picked up the 60W adapter without having to wait through a line since the Apple Store employee had a wireless point of sale device.  I had read about that feature of the store, but it was the first time I had experienced it.  Makes me wish that other stores had this feature.

The new 85W MagSafe Power Adapter is not shipping for 3-4 weeks according to the Apple Store.  So, if you are in a bind and need an 85W MacBook Pro Power Adapter immediately, you can use a 60W adapter or try to track down the adapter through an Apple reseller.

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