Putting the Satisfaction Back in Customer Service

[qi:009] Satisfaction, a small San Francisco-based startup run by former user experience consultants, is hoping to improve the abominable state of customer support forums and help lines. The company is starting to play around publicly with its “people-powered customer service” site, so you can get a taste for yourself of what it will look like.

The way it works, CEO Thor Muller told GigaOM Thursday, is companies or their users set up Satisfaction pages where they can ask and answer questions. The company or product doesn’t have to have official involvement, and it costs nothing to set up an account, but Satisfaction will offer value-added services like a widget to place on the company’s support page. If the company’s not involved, Satisfaction will do its best to have the correct answers to questions on its hosted pages show up when a user searches the query on Google.

Similar to something like Yahoo Answers, Satisfaction tries to improve the current avenues for customer service by using ratings of answers to better organize and surface them. It will help hone in on common questions and make the answers easily findable. “The same way with Flickr innovated by taking private photo uploads and defaulting to public,” said Muller. “This is defaulting all customer service as public.”

Satisfaction has seven employees and has raised angel funding from investors including Adaptive Path. It doesn’t have any big customers to show yet, but we give it credit for tackling a problem that needs solving.

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