Media Center Show Podcast #115 focuses on UMPCs

Media_center_showEarlier this summer, I had the opportunity to be a guest on Ian Dixon’s wildly popular Media Center Show podcast. Ian is a Microsoft Media Center MVP and I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Ian for the better part of two years now. He’s based in the U.K. but believe it or not, we literally bumped into each other outside the convention center of the 2006 CES show. Considering there’s well over 100,000 attendees at CES, the odds of this were….well…over 100,000 to 1! ;)

Aside from being a Media Center swami, Ian is well versed in various Windows technologies and mobility; in fact, he’s a fellow UMPC owner too! I was honored to be interviewed on his show, a spot usually reserved for folks much more important than me. We focus on UPMCs along with using them with Media Centers, Xbox’s and much more, so give a listen. I also recommend you subscribe to Ian’s show on iTunes as he continues to provide an excellent podcast, week in and week out. Thanks for the invitation, Ian!

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