Color Your iPhone: Let your teenage girl come out

Don’t think that just because you’ve got a new phone that cost as much as some PC’s that you are somehow above customizing the look of your phone. You know good and well you want to be in the crowd of 13-year-old teenage girls who customize their phones by changing out the shell of their phone with something pink and then sticking on fake diamonds all over it. Admit it.

Unfortunately I can’t help you out with your freak need to look like a 13-year-old girl, but I do have something here that can help you out with changing the color of your iPhone!

ColorWare iPhone

ColorWare has just released their Customized ColorWare iPhone product.

You can send in your iPhone to get colorized for $149 (you’ll need to part ways with it for 8-10 days). Or you can purchase a new iPhone at $649 for the 4GB or $749 for the 8GB.

They have 29 color combinations available letting you pick practically any color you want.

This certainly isn’t for everybody (I personally love the simplicity of the iPhone’s design)…but if you’ve got the cash and your in to it, then these are guys to do it for you.

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